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Aboltion is the name I've given to the project which will put an end to the borders between mods.  Since Total Annihilation modding first began, we have been limited to two armies per mod, in a vacuum.  We don't have to play by Total Annihilation's rules anymore.

Abolition is the mod of mods, a project to seamlessly integrate a variety of disparate playstyles into a single cohesive package with balanced gameplay for all armies.

Abolition is completely unprecedented.  No game developer, no matter how ambitious, stupid, or crazy, has attempted to put more than three or four completely different types of armies in the same game.

Abolition, with Absolute Annihilation as a groundwork, will combine:

The Lost Legacy (TLL)
The Galactic Empire (GEM)
Advance Wars (AWS)

Advance Wars.  Yeah, the GBA/DS title.  Heh.  Just wait.  ;)


Army/Race Descriptions

Total Annihilation Universe

Core - Countless millennia in the future, humanity has finally developed the means to defeat death itself.  Through the process of "patterning", Core, the central government, has made it possible to implant human consciousness into long-lasting, durable machines.  The Core makes the process mandatory for all its citizens, for their protection.  But not the whole of humanity is willing to give up their mortal existence, resulting in a civil war which has continued for over four thousand years.

Arm - The future of humanity, a race of battle-hardened, genetically-enhanced clones who aren't so comfortable leaving their bodies behind and are willing to fight and die for what they believe in.  From the cockpits of their powerful battle armor, fighting for their lives has become routine.  Death means that they will be reborn into a new body, nothing more.

Expanded TA Universe

Mynn - TBA

Xect - TBA


Imperium Galactica Universe

GEM - In the distant future, the Galactic Empire spans many thousands of light years, but is slowly being torn apart by internal conflicts and corruption.  Making things worse, the frontier planet of Achilles, already tearing itself apart through civil war, is invaded by the xenophobic Garthog Empire.  The admiralty is forced to use its secret weapon or face destruction from within and without.

Advance Wars Universe



Information on armies from other universes coming soon.

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